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Mountain Chalet Property Management has been providing loving care for Grand County Homeowners Associations since 1994. Our Mission is to serve the needs of our Associations and homeowners by maintaining their properties to the highest possible level and protecting the value of their investment.

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Mountain Chalet has a been a staple providing community association administration and management in Winter Park and Grand County for three decades. With a tenured team providing the services, and in house maintenance, and skilled craftsman we can ensure that the knowledge and resources are available to respond to your needs in a timely manner and with high quality. When needs arise that is outside of our team’s skillset, we are able to leverage our local partners and vendor network to address those needs whether they be day to day operations, emergency response or large capital projects.  

Mountain Chalet aims to be a steward of the community and a valuable resource and partner for all of stakeholders. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your assets are being given the highest quality care.  


Our Mission and Values

At Mountain Chalet we are a stakeholder driven organization that provides high quality, responsible, and objective management services to community associations designed to meet their accounting, administrative, and property maintenance needs. 

We recognize that as a board member you volunteer your time for the benefit of your community. Our goal is to provide a repeatable, dependable service that streamlines and creates efficiency in your association’s operation. 

Accounting Services

Have piece of mind knowing that our accounting team is providing GAAP compliant oversight and recording of all financial transactions and providing transparency in reporting and review.  

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Administrative & Compliance Services

Communications and documentation are key aspects of the effective administration of a community association. Let us organize track and assign the many workflows necessary to ensure that the loops are closed. 

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Maintenance Services

Leave the hard work to Us. Our in-house team of skilled property inspectors and craftsmen can tackle the repair and maintenance needs of the association or the homeowners.  

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Project Management

Be empowered with knowledge. Know when the big expenses will come, how much they will cost, and manage their success. 


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